Twitter stream grafitti

Twitter stream data rendered in unicode font that does not contain alphabetic glyphs but does contain numerical glyphs. Letters are rendered as bounding boxes. Colors are randomly sampled from a video file.

//deconstructed tweets random color pixel samples, live SF

Simon Dvorak and Charlie Schneider’s collaborative project situates itself in the nexus where physical sites, digital sites and human experience converge. Working with a family of related computer programs, ┬áDvorak and Schneider utilize visual and textual data streams from specific physical locations to create compressed abstractions that are both independent from the sites from which they are sourced while simultaneously a product of those places.

One day

Time sequence of frames saved from a Processing sketch that “paints” in real time selecting random colors and locations to slowly build up an image. The resulting image color is a “hyper-realistic” representation of the colors captured by the camera hardware.