About the artist

sailing_web.jpgI am an artist living in Davis, California. My work is concerned spacial interactions both physical and digital, and data visualization. Most recently, I’ve been exploring visualizations using Twitter as an abstracted data source tied to physical locations along with digitally captured color webcam data.

My most recent piece,“Flow”, is an interactive digital media installation that explores the relationships between people and place though random sampling of color and movement metadata at two remote locations. The data is then presented as an abstract visual system that reflects characteristics of the sampled subjects, while at the same time, obscuring and simplifying their complexity.  The flows of the Sacramento River, Sacramento tweets, and Internet data combine to form a provocative and entrancing projection of color and text.

I graduated with a degree in Art Studio from U.C. Davis in 2000.  When I’m not in front of a computer, I like to be on the water.

Tweet me: @simondvorak

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